The Captain & Pack Daddy – WooFDriver 

This is Bill “WooFDriver” Helman’s BIO Website


Presidential Pet

All About Presidents & Thier Pets

A Huge part of American History as this website documents all the WILD stories and intresting facts about these historic animals and their role in the White House!


About Dog Adventuring & Lifestyles

This is where the dream began. Meet the WooFPAK, get introduced to the WooFDriver, and see the premise behind many of his

Forums & Blogs for Dog Adventuring 

This is where the WooFDriver Blogs, answers questions in  the Forum, posts scheduled events, and tells about his mission with his WOOF

How to Adventure with Dogs

This is where the WooFDriver tells all about the ways and the reasons to get involved with this creative and interactive Dog-Powered Lifestyle.



All About Huskies by the Legendary Expert – WooFDriver

This site directs you to all the INCREDIBLE things you can do with a Husky as well as training and breed info.


Doing Things with Huskies Like You’ve NEVER Seen -WooFDriver Highlights

This site highlights the EXTRAORDINARY lengths WooFDriver has gone for his Huskies (to the MAX!)


Technology for Dog Adventuring & Training

The Magic behind the WooFDriver. You have all seen the WILD things we do. Now you get to see behind the scenes and get a glimpse of HOW we do it.


Our EPIC Adventures & FUN in Virtual Reality!!

These Adventures are captured with State of the Art Technology (VR) provoding you with a life like expierience!!

Largest Library of Dog Music Anywhere

This is where WooFDriver has put his LOVE for Dogs in an entertainment style format. From music, poetry, fictional & true stories all about Dogs!


Incredible Wildlife & Nature Photos, Videos , & Info 

This is where WooFDriver has categorically assembled his collection of incredible sightings he and The WooFPAK have shared!!

About WooFDriver’s Dogs

This is the WooFPAK’s very own website! You can learn about each WooFPAK Mate & Laugh along on all their escapades & join in all the FUN!!

Singing Dogs for the Kids

The SnoWOOFS are the alter egos of the WooFDriver’s WooFPAK! You can read their Bios and hear them sing on this

Raising Money for Shelters & Rescues

This is how WooFDriver and his partners give back to shelters & rescues nationwide. You can be part of this amazing Dog-Powered fundraising for FREE!

A REAL Treasure Hunt Adventure For You & Your Dog

With monetary Treasures this is how WooFDriver and his partners challenge and inspire others to get out and Adventure with their Dog(s)


Dog Inspired Wearables & Collectibles

This is where you can find the WooFDriver’s Designs and Photos featured on all of his websites. You can  purchase these “famous” designs on many collectibles and wearables!

Dog Relaxation & Recovery

Dog Zen refers to the Balance we strive to achieve through physical and psychological stimulation which is then balanced with quality relaxation, rest, and down

Largest Collection of Dog Stories Anywhere

WolFStoria are the tales and fables of WooFDriver created fiction. Some of these stories are based on important events and characters in the WooFDriver’s World.

Ghost & Monster Hunting with WOOFS

This is all about WooFDriver & his Dogs on Midnight Adventures in search of paranormal activity as well as Ghost?Monster sights, stories, & legends everywhere.

Largest Collection of Dog Funnies Anywhere

Wacky WooF is a collection of fun stories, jokes, music and more!! It’s all about what the WooFDriver likes to do in his down time, Love the WooFPAK & Laugh!

Dogs & COOL Rides

This is about Dogs riding & checking out cars, motorcycles, trucks etc…and the different ways the WooFDriver has customized vehicles for their

WooFDriver’s Instinctual Training System

This is about why and how the WooFDriver does all of this Adventuring & Training with his

Reality Based Adventure & Training Video Series 

A candid view of almost everything WooFDriver does with his Dogs


Aerial Views of The WooFPAK in Spectacular Scenes

These are EPIC videos & pictures filmed from AirWOOF One (drone) of the WooFDriver’s Adventures

WooFDriver Vocabulary & Meanings Defined

This is where you can find all the words, terminology, and references WooFDriver uses throughout his Training & Adventures.

ALL WooFDriver Movies

This is the website for WooFDriver’s entire collection of Videos & Movies indexed by category.

Dog Poetry

This website is Poetry all about and all to do with

WooFDriver ‘s Media Directory

This is an easy way to access WooFDriver’s Media Selections.

WooFDriver’s Aquatic Side…

WooFDriver’s been an Aquarist for most of his life and shares this passion here. Leran, LOVE, & Enjoy!

WooFDriver’s Network of  LIVE Shows

Exclusive for WooFDriver – Shows filmed LIVE & Hosted by Dog Experts and Lovers from all over the World!!

WooFDriver’s Video Blog from contributors all over the world!

A very COOL brand NEW Website format showcasing specialized videos all about Dog Care!

Educating & Entertaing About The Animal/Pet Kingdom

All The latest PICS, Videos, & Articles of whats happening in the Animal and Pet World.


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  • Shibainu
  • Husky Dog
  • Chinese Crested
  • The Labrador
  • Breed Specific Websites of the breeds that are especially close to the WooFDriver’s Heart
  • Please click on the Specific Breed Logo to go to that website

Learn, Laugh, & Enjoy GIFS (short movie style clips)

Lots of WooFDriver & Animal GIFS as well as other AWESOME Stuff and you can share here also!

Everything you can imagine about Tattoos!

A place to share Tattoos, get Ideas from tons of categories, & of course checkout WooFDriver realted Tatts!


Master Bill “WooFDriver Helman’s Martial Arts Expierience

Martail Art Techniques, Teachings, & Understandings shared through Writings, Music, and even Bill’s very own APP! He calls his system TaeVerge…

TV That Is For, About, & Because Of Dogs

These are LIVE Broadcasts from the WooFPAK’S Den!

Radio That Is For, About, & Because Of Dogs

You’ve never heard anything like this:)